frequently asked questions

Do I need a partner?

Nope! Group classes are taught by rotating partners so that students meet everyone and make new friends. Private lessons are taught with the instructor taking the partner's place. Additionally, working on one's personal balance, rhythm, musicality, and quality of movement has lasting, positive effects on subsequent partnered dances.

where do you teach?

I teach primarily in the South Bay/Peninsula area, but have worked as far as Oakland and San Francisco. Private lessons are held at my home in East Palo Alto.

Should I Lead or Follow?

Both leading and following come with their own specific hurdles and growth progression.  You will likely be asked to choose one in your classes and stick with it for awhile, but you are always welcome to try another role in the next series or class. In general, it's easier to get a feeling for the dance if you start with following since this allows you to dance with a wider range of experienced partners. However, leading will jump-start your skills in musical creativity and planning the dance.  And as you progress, these skills become more or less permeable between roles, allowing for greater freedom of expression and control over the experience for both partners.


do I need experience?

Not at all! We welcome new dancers from any background or walk of life! I truly believe swing dance is a great way to find community and have fun regardless of age, education, ethnicity, disability, or gender.


Group classes are a great way to meet a load of new dancers like yourself, have fun together, and be active! Prices are reasonable and many times include the social dance for free. However, particularly shy individuals or those looking for personal attention might do better in private lessons before venturing onto the social dance floor.  Though the cost is higher, many students appreciate the ability to work through the material at their own pace.