M.C. Lori

Lori, aka MC Weaver and MC Extemporaneous, loves to Master your Ceremonies. As an emcee, she specializes in vacillating between being commandingly clear to ridiculously enthused, all delivered with her aching earnestness. She cut her teeth on the mic through weekly emcee duties at her local venue before finding the joy in speaking to hundreds at weekend events.  She believes strongly that being a good emcee is being a good party host: welcoming out-of-towners, explaining appropriate conduct, checking in with bands, DJ's, and organizers for revised timelines, and keeping everyone happy, informed and moving along.  In competitions, she strives for clarity in expectations amongst all judges, competitors, the DJ and the audience, and collaborates with organizers to speed or stall as the situation may require.  For performances, she invites audiences to engage, marvel and participate with the teams in front of them.  Each event is different, and she is happy to talk with organizers to discuss what's most important to you and what unique spirit you have in mind for your event.

Hiring Requirements:

  • Flight or mileage reimbursement to the event

  • Housing accommodations near the event

  • Dance pass to the event

  • Emcee fee varies according to total tasks (dance, competitions, performances, panels, etc.)

Past Work